If we can think of it, we can create it!

We started adding wooden cut out's to our class calendar because one evening in the fall, I wanted a pumpkin on my door so I figured other people would too. The next weekend, we had 3 classes completely filled! We now offer these cut outs during our regularly scheduled weekend classes, or you can call in advance to place an order and you can paint one on a Saturday afternoon!

Each cut out is $25 and about 16x20 in size depending on exact shape. You will have a sample to look at, and a paper print out of lots of different ideas! These are completly customizeable, but don't worry, an artist will be here to give you guidance and everything you need! Bring ribbon and we'll help make you a bow!

Kid's classes are coming soon! They will be on slightly smaller cut outs and priced at $20. Great for birthday parties!


Cut Out Samples


bluebonnettexas  texas

 deer wood

 heart wood
 Easter egg

 Blessed Cross
 acornharvest  pumpkin  

Want a Custom Cut Out? Email us what you're looking for!

Great Options:


Ice cream

Light House

Mason Jar

Sea Horse


Cup Cake







and More!