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Kids Birthday Parties


Kids parties include:

  • 11x14 Canvas
  • Paints and Supplies
  • Qualified Painting Instructor
  • Customized painting for your birthday kid (or choose one on hand)


Kids parties last around 2 hours. You may come 15- 20 minutes early to decorate if you would like. When everyone arrives for the party, an instructor will guide the kids through a fun and easy painting allowing your child to choose their own colors and get creative. After about an hour, kids can open presents while the teacher cleans up and sets aside paintings to dry. After presents, its cake time! During this time, anyone who has not finished their painting or has shown up late can work on finishing. 


A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your special date.

Cost for up to ten people: $200

$20 each additional child. 

Children under 4: $15 (after ten people minimum) washable paints available.


Benefits to having an Art Party

  1. Art parties are great for both boys and girls of all ages. Theme is customizeable and if a sibling doesnt like the painting, they can get creative and do their own painting! 
  2. You decide how much to decorate, but the entertainment, set up, and clean up is taken care of for you! 
  3. All Supplies are included. You have nothing to worry about except enjoying your childs party, oh and the cake! 
  4. At most parties, kids enjoy festivities for a few hours and then go home; but at an art party, all kids enjoy the party AND get to go home with souvenier artwork they can proudly hang on their wall! 



Artwork hung in the gallery is fine art for sale. Any damage done to artworks will be charged to your account. Children must be watched at all times. All food must remain in the classroom area. 

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