Art lessons for those ages 8-27 with all levels of autism.

Students enjoy 30 minute to hour long sessions of art classes where they learn to apply paint to canvas. Students can join a group, or take private lessons. Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact the studio. Your child will enjoy painting (or drawing) whatever they desire with however much help they would like. Minimum requirements are that your child be able to follow basic guidance with or without your help.

Those with low dexterity can benefit greatly in private lessons.The teacher will help by supporting the wrist as the student learns to move the paint across the canvas. 

The goal of artism is to help those with minor to severe disabilities learn in an enviroment they enjoy and to instill a lifelong love for the arts.

You may also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information! 

Pricing: Classes are $20/ 30 minute private lessons, $25/ hour private lessons, or $20/ hour group lessons (not just in a group for those with autism).

All students are billed monthly on the first of the month. Any classes cancelled by the instructor will be available for makeup lessons.



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